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Why your Shopify Store won’t make any sales

criffel - August 27, 2018 - 0 comments

Shopify dropshipping is a terrific online business. Shopify as the leading e-commerce platform allows new entrepreneurs to start their online stores. Launching your dropshipping on Shopify makes your online store easy and simple to manage. As simple as Shopify makes your dropshipping business, if the right digital business strategies are not followed in, you may end up not generating enough sales that you may have expected. While this may not only make your business non-enjoyable for you, it can also lead you to pack up from e-commerce. And of course, every business aims at making a profit. For your Shopify dropshipping stores to make good sales, you must be sure to have an excellent digital store.  There are various reasons why your Shopify dropshipping stores may not be making many sales as you expect. This post will expose you to the reasons why your Shopify dropshipping store is not making sales and how to turn things around.

  • Niche selection

Selecting a niche is an important part of creating a successful Shopify dropshipping store. One of the success-strategy of every dropshipping stores is specializing in a particular niche. The more a store specializes in or focuses on a niche, the more the sales they end up generating. Selecting a niche will help you aim at satisfying specific market needs. It also helps your dropshipping stores to have a defined branding and marketing. To be successful at dropshipping, it is important to have a target audience. A dropshipping store that does not have a niche or a target audience is difficult to spot or find among a large number of online stores available. Niche selection positions your dropshipping stores to exclusively focus on your target customers needs and stands you out among the various businesses around.

  • Mobile optimization

There are consistently higher sales for the mobile customer. Many people move through their daily lives with a mobile phone. A larger percentage of traffic generated by online shoppers is through mobile phones, this is why mobile optimization is important for your Shopify dropshipping store.

One of the factors important for mobile optimization includes Image and video availability. It is very vital that all image and video content is visible on mobile devices. When your images and video contents are not accessible on mobile phones, it makes you lose customers from your store as a large amount of shopping happens on the mobile phone. Another factor to consider for mobile optimization is the visibility of texts. The text on your website should be readable without demanding users to zoom. Also,  loading speed is quite important to shopping on a mobile phone. The mobile phone is generally slow compared to desktop, the loading speed can be increased by reducing the number of contents on your page (basically by removing those things that are not exactly relevant), making use of a reliable caching plugin or adopting accelerated mobile page (AMP) protocols.

  • Design

A good design can affect your store sales greatly. Designs aren’t just about making your dropshipping stores look good but tailoring them to be effective in increasing the profitability of your store. Designs can determine and improve the branding and marketing of your products,  it can determine the functionality of your store and also attract and retain users and turn them into customers.

  • Social media presence and marketing

How are you using social media to your store’s advantage?

Social media is a powerful tool to maximize your marketing strategy. Marketing your dropshipping stores on social media is a guaranteed way to get a good number of customers for your business. It is quite easy to reach out to people about your store on social networks. Advertise your store on your facebook page, Instagram,  Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr also Linkedln. Be a master at Facebook advertising by using ads to lure customers into your store with Facebook. Create informative forums on facebook about your products to generate traffic on your page. Get interactive with your potential customers on social media to turn your sales around.

  • Hiring a professional

All along you have been managing your Shopify dropshipping store yourself and you are not making sales as much as you expected, maybe it is just time to level up your business by hiring a professional. No one is good at everything, which is why you have to leave the things you can’t handle in your store in the hands of a professional. Study your business design, figure out which part that you may have a problem with and let an expert help you solve the problem while you attend to other parts of your business. If you don’t know how to design your store, you should allow a professional handle the part while you focus on other segments of your store.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that your business needs to turn visitors into buyers. A good content can help you generate traffic on your page Invariably directing customers to your store. Content marketing helps you to create awareness for your brand (store), generate traffic and reach out to your niche or target audience more efficiently. A good content for your products can also help you win at business competitions thereby helping you to generate more sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves optimizing your website’s visibility so that it can appear as a top result of certain keywords. You can simply do this by working on your product ads making sure to use relevant keywords so that your business page can appear as top results when the keywords in your ads are entered in Google search.


Every business owner has an aim of making a profit as a business does not stand without profit. Managing a profitable Shopify dropshipping store can be quite intimidating. If you are not making sales like you expect on your Shopify dropshipping store, you are probably not doing something the right way. The above strategies will help you to enjoy a new turn in your dropshipping store.

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